Elucidat collect a range of information to help us to supply as good a service as possible:

Information that your Authors supply to us

a.) Authors sign up with name and email address

b.) Authors upload text, imagery and videos to the Elucidat service in order to create E-learning courses (uploaded content)

These assets are stored on Elucidat servers, and not used for any purpose other than allowing you to edit your courses, and ensuring the continuity of your service

We back up this data to encrypted media stored in the cloud

We do not store copies of your uploaded content on any form of removable media, or in any of our office locations

We do not recreate any of your uploaded content, or show your uploaded content to anyone outside of your organisation

We may view your uploaded content in the course of helping you to complete work on your courses, but we will not access your uploaded content outside of that

Copyright of your uploaded content is not transferred to Elucidat, but nor do we take any responsibility for copyright infringements

We use Content Delivery Networks to speed the delivery of your uploaded content around the world in courses that are delivered online. This (temporarily) makes copies of your uploaded content at ‘Edge’ locations around the world.

Information we derive through your use of the service

a.) We collect usage statistics about our Authors, and which courses they edit and publish

We do this to tailor our services, advice and communication to the needs of the individual Author

b.) When Learners view the courses you have created, we collect a variety of data

For ALL course release modes, we collect usage data, including pages accessed, answers to questions, and overall results of courses

This data is anonymous, except in the following situations:

  • Online Public course releases that use the ‘Self sign-in’ option to identify themselves using name and email address
  • SCORM releases send a ‘learner_id’ to us. We use this learner_id to identify the learner and restore their progress

This learner_id is normally a number, that cannot be used to identify the individual

In some rare cases, this learner_id is sent as an email address, which means that we store the email address of the learner, alongside their course progress

  • We also forward completely anonymous usage data to 3rd party services to assist us in providing continuity. These include, but are not limited to Google Analytics (Traffic statistics), Pingdom & New Relic (Availability monitoring)
  • We do not use or access your learner data, except to provide general usage statistics, and to allow you access to download your own data
  • We will never share this data, or use it for our own purposes, outside of what is detailed above
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