There are two levels of settings menus that you may want to familiarise yourself with when configuring Questionnaires.

Project options (for setting up the scoring and progress throughout your course) and Page options (for setting behaviour for specific page).

Project options

You can view your Project tracking options by pressing ‘Configure’:

Your Project options will be available from the ‘Progress controls’ or ‘Scoring’ tabs:

Progress controls

Allow the user to see pages that have already been completed?: Unchecking this prevents the Learner from viewing any of the previous pages.

Allow the user to see pages AFTER the next uncompleted page?: This controls whether your Learner can move to the next pages without completing the page they are on (e.g without submitting an answer) for more information on this see here.


Pass rate: This controls the mark required to attain a pass.

Allow the user to have several goes at questionnaires?: This controls if your Learner is allowed to submit answers more than once, with this box unchecked only the first answer is recorded.

Consider course complete after percentage of pages: This controls how many pages your Learner needs to view to complete the course.

Do not give points for partially correct answers: With this setting on partially correct answers will send a score of 0 (by default they send 0.5).

Learner tracking

SCORM Mode: This setting allows you to choose which SCORM mode you wish to use. Elucidat can use SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 (2nd edition) and xAPI.

SCORM 1.2 allows you to send either ‘Passed’ or ‘Completed’ to your LMS. SCORM 1.2 has been very widely adopted, and is considered the industry standard. This is supported by most Learning Management Systems.

SCORM 2004 allows you to send both ‘Passed’ and ‘Completed’ to your LMS. While SCORM 2004 has been widely adopted, it is not as broadly compatible as SCORM 1.2. Please check with your LMS that SCORM 2004 is supported.

Please note that if you change from SCORM 1.2 to 2004 you will need to create a new release (not a re-release) in order for this change to take effect.

Mark completed courses as: Controls whether finished courses are marked as ‘Completed’ or ‘Passed/Fail’ in your LMS. This control is only needed if you are using SCORM 1.2

Pass rate: This controls the mark required to attain a pass.

Learner access control: With this setting on your Learners are required to identify themselves before viewing your course.

Page Settings

This page is completed by: This setting controls what a Learner needs to do in order to ‘Complete’ a page. You can also set tracking on using either the ‘User submitting a score’ or ‘User submitting a CORRECT score’ settings for more information on this click here.

Prevent progress until complete: This control allows you to prevent your learner from going to the next page until it is complete. Please note that this cannot be used if the next page is the start of a chapter.

Score weighting: This setting controls how important a question is for more information on this control, please search the manual for 'Score weighting' for more information.

Send final score on this page: Elucidat’s default behaviour is for the final score to be sent to your LMS on the final page of courses. If you have a non-linear course, where the final page can vary, you may want to use this setting on all pages that could be the final page. Please search the manual for ‘Send final score on this page’ for more information.

Scoring from Elucidat

There are three levels of scoring that Elucidat sends to your LMS:

Correct = 1

Partially Correct = 0.5

Incorrect = 0

…so if I have a course with 10 questionnaire pages, your Learner can potentially achieve a score of 10.


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