Styles allow you to quickly control the branding of your whole course, for example your colours, fonts and logos.

We recommend this as the most efficient way of creating styling changes across your Projects, let’s look at how to create a Style.

Step 1

Press ‘Theme’:

Step 2

Click ‘New Style’.

Step 3

Give your Style a name:

Step 4

Apply some Styling options, for example upload a logo, a font or change some colours.

Step 5

Once you are happy with the changes you have applied to your Style press ‘Save changes’:

Then in this case choose ‘This Project only’ (we’ll cover how to apply changes across your full account later in the manual):

…and press ‘Save changes’, you’ve now created your first Style!

You’ll be able to see your Style applied to your course by pressing ‘Author’ to return to the authoring interface:

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