Elucidat is a true WYSIWYG editor, this means that you can see all of your changes whilst you are making them.

Every Part that is editable will have an 'Edit button', when you click a Part’s Edit button all of the parameters that you can control will be displayed, for instance if I click the Edit button at the top right of this Part, it will display all of the parameters I can change:

💡 Pro Tip! You can also do this by double clicking the Part you would like to edit.

Text that can be edited in Elucidat will display an Edit button when you hover over it:

Once you have made edits press Save to keep them or press CTRL/CMD S:

…if you make an edit that you don’t wish to keep press the Undo changes button, this will remove all of the changes since your last save.

Next step

Now that we know how to access the Edit button, let’s look at some of the different edits we can apply, click here to continue.

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