Every editable Part in Elucidat has a set of Icons which allow you to edit its settings:

The icons that display will depend on the design of the page and the type of the Part you are editing.

You will encounter a few different icons during your time in Elucidat, here is a quick look at some of the most useful icons:

Image icon 

The Image icon allows you to upload an image to your page, to upload an image, click the ‘Image’ icon and then click ‘Upload’:

💡 Pro Tip! As well as uploading you can also select images from your Asset library, which contains all the images that have been uploaded to your account previously.

Video icon

The Video icon allows you to upload videos to your page, to upload a video to your Project, add a video page to your Project by pressing ‘Add a new page’:

…the ‘Add a new Page’ dialogue will display:

…give your page a name and then select the ‘Video’ option from the ‘Select a Page Type’ dropdown:

…choose ‘Video’:

…press ‘Add a Page’, your video page will now display, click the edit button in the top right of the video player:

…click the ‘Video’ icon and then select your video by pressing upload:

💡 Pro Tip! Elucidat allows you to add Video to any page type, we’ll teach you how to do this later on in the manual.

Next step

Now that we know the Icons in Elucidat, let’s take a look at applying styling, click here to continue.

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