We recommend this as the most efficient way of creating styling changes across your Projects, let’s look at how to create a Style.

Step 1

Press ‘Theme’:

Step 2

Click ‘New Style’:

Step 3

Give your Style a name:

Step 4

Apply some Styling options, for example upload a logo, a font or change some colours.

Step 5

Once you are happy with the changes you have applied to your Style press ‘Save changes’:

…then in this case choose ‘This Project only’ (we’ll cover how to apply changes across your full account later in the manual):

…and press ‘Save changes’, you’ve now created your first Style!

You’ll be able to see your Style applied to your course by pressing ‘Author’ to return to the authoring interface:

Next step

Now that we know about Styles, let’s take a look at creating a Questionnaire, click here to continue.

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