This means that they will only see content that is relevant to the Department that they are a member of.

Who can use the Departments feature?

Departments will only be accessible if you are an Administrator.

To add a Department

Go to the ‘Authors’ page by pressing ‘Your Account’ and then ‘Authors’.

On the left hand side of your screen right click ‘All departments’:

…then click ‘Create Department’.

Give your Department a name and then click ‘Save changes’.

Your Department will now show in the Departments list (e.g I called my Department ‘Example’):

To assign an Author to a Department

Click the name of the Author you would like to edit on the Authors page.

You will be able to choose the Department you would like to assign your author to from this field:

…if you would like your Author to only have access to the Projects which are in their department click this option:

To set a Project so that it can be accessed by a Department

Open the ‘Projects’ page by clicking ‘Projects’ at the top of your screen.

On the left hand side of your screen left click the Department you have created and click ‘Create folder’:

Give your Folder a name and then click ‘Save changes’.

Next find the Project you would like to create access to.

Click this area next to the relevant Project:

…and choose the Folder you would like your Project to be assigned to.

You can add as many folders to a Department as you like.

If you wish to move a Folder to a different Department you can do so by clicking and dragging the folder icon of the relevant Folder.

💡 Pro Tip! Projects stored in ‘All Folders’ will be visible to all members of a team, regardless of Departmental permissions.

Please note that by default there will be a Department in your account called ‘All Departments’.

The ‘All Departments’ Department is viewable to all users in your account.

If you have content that you do not wish to be visible account wide it is best to assign this content to a specific Department.

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