You can access your ‘Project list’ by pressing ‘Projects’ at the top of the page.

By default your ‘Project list’ will have a couple of Folders:

‘No Folder’ - is where your Projects are until they have been added to a Folder.

…to add an additional Folder:

In the ‘Folders’ panel in your ‘Project list’, right click where it says ‘All Folders’ and then select ‘Create Folder’:

…add a name for your Folder, in this case I’ll call my Folder ‘Example’:

…and press Save changes.

Now the Folder will appear in the ‘Folders’ panel:

…to add a Project to a Folder:

In the ‘Projects list’, find the Project which you would like to add to your Folder.

Press the area where it says ‘Select a Folder’, this is just below your Project title:

…a dropdown will appear, choose your Folder from here:

…to delete or rename a Folder:

Right click your Folder in the ‘Folders’ panel and choose your option:

…to remove a project from a Folder:

In your ‘Project list’, find your project and click the x in the top right of the Folder:

Projects stored in ‘All Folders’ will be visible to all members of a team, regardless of Departmental permissions.

Naming Folders

Folders are automatically sorted into alphabetical order when they are created.

For example here I have two Folders named Demos and Tests:

If I add a new Folder named Elucidat Projects, this will automatically be added in alphabetical order:

💡 Pro Tip! This will not adjust if the Folder is renamed. Even if it changes alphabetically, the Folder will remain in the original position in the list:

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