To import a video, first open a ‘Video’ Page type, or add a ‘Video’ part to your page with Layout designer.

Click the edit button in the top right of your video player:

....and then choose the ‘Video’ option:

The ‘Video’ menu will open, click ‘Upload’ and choose your file:

💡 Pro Tip! You can also drag your video file onto the ‘Upload’ button.

Once you have selected your file it will begin to upload:

…once the ‘Save’ button turns yellow click it:

…Elucidat will now encode your video so that it works smoothly on mobiles and tablets (this is called Variable Rate Streaming).

Elucidat supports video files of up to 40mb, you can upload MP4, MOV, M4V, if your file is larger than this we recommend compressing the video before uploading.

You can also make your audio files play automatically for users on Desktop computers with the ‘Autoplay’ toggle.

💡 Please note: Due to a Chrome update, learners will only experience autoplay if they have frequently interacted with media on your LMS or the the direct Elucidat links. This article provides more information about Chromes current guidelines. 

Adding a ‘Poster frame’

If you would like your video to display a specific image before your Learner plays it, then you can add a ‘Poster frame’ by clicking ‘Upload’ in the Video editor and then selecting an image file that you would like to upload:

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