To import an image to Elucidat firstly press the Edit button of an object that has the image icon, click the ‘Image’ icon and then click ‘Upload’:

For our guide to image Best Practice please see here.

Once you have uploaded an image you can reposition it or resize it using the image controls :

The ‘Image mode’ selector allows you to choose between image modes:

Cover: Ensures that the image fills out the entire box leaving no gaps.

Contain: Makes sure that the entire image is always shown - by sizing it so that it fits within the box.

Fixed: Allows you to choose a zoom level, using the Image size slider.

Original: The image size will not be altered at all.

Elucidat supports .png and .jpeg files up to 12mb, we limit uploads to this size so that your images will display correctly on all internet connections. 

Background images

It's possible to add background images to both your entire Project and specific Pages. There are two different buttons that allow you to define this:

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