Once you start uploading images, videos, and audio files to your projects, these are automatically added to your Asset Library. You can also add files directly to the Asset Library for your authors to use.

How do I access the Asset Library?

You can access the Asset Library by clicking on the Asset Library button at the top of your interface:

All users with access to the Asset Library can see all of the Assets that are in it.

Filtering Assets

The ‘Filter’ control will allow you to search directly for your Asset by name:

To do a new search, press ‘Reset filters’ and then add the name to the search Filter.

The name of an Asset will be automatically set according to the name and file type that was set when you uploaded the Asset.

Downloading Assets

If you wish to Download an Asset first click the name of the Asset you would like to Download.

Then click ‘Download’:


Elucidat allows you to keep your Assets in ‘Folders’ to keep everything tidy in your Asset Library.

By default your Asset Library will have a couple of Folders already set up:

‘All Folders’ - any new Folders you create will sit within this.

‘No Folder’ - this is where your Assets will automatically be organized until they have been added to a Folder.

Add an additional Folder

In the ‘Folders’ panel in your Asset Library, right click where it says ‘All Folders’ and then select ‘Create Folder’

…add a name for your Folder, in this case I’ll call my Folder ‘Example’:

…and press Save changes.

Now the Folder will appear in the ‘Folders’ panel:

Add an Asset to a Folder:

In the Asset Library, find the Asset which you would like to add to your Folder.

Click ‘Select a folder’, this is just below your Asset name and details:

...a dropdown will appear, choose your Folder from here:

Delete or rename a Folder:

Right click your Folder in the ‘Folders’ panel and choose one of the options:

Remove an Asset from a Folder:

In your Asset Library, find your Asset and click the x in the top right of the Folder:

Giving your Asset a Description

You can give a Description to your Assets so that you and your colleagues have context as to how Assets should be used.

If you wish to give your Asset a Description firstly open the Asset Library click the name of the Asset you would like to give a Description.

Then click this box to give your Asset a Description and then press ‘Save changes’:

Replace feature

To use the Replace feature, firstly open the Asset Library and click the name of the Asset you would like to replace.

The details of the Asset will now display.

Click the ‘Replace’ button.

The ‘Replace’ dialogue box will now open:

Drag an image on to the box or click ‘Choose File’ to select a replacement, Elucidat will upload your replacement file and then ask if you are happy to go ahead with replacing the Asset:

…click ‘Continue’ if you are happy to use the Asset.

Your original Asset will now be replaced with your new Asset in all Projects in which it has been used.

Deleting Assets

If you wish to Delete an Asset firstly open the Asset Library and click the name of the Asset you would like to Delete.

Then click ‘Delete’.

Batch upload

If you wish to add multiple files to your Asset Library firstly open the Asset Library.

Press ‘Upload’.

Select the Assets which you wish to upload and click ‘Open’.

Please note that batch uploading is subject to your browser’s limitations.

Additional File Types

As well as Image, Video and Audio files, the Asset Library allows you to upload and manage Caption and Font files.

This allows you to manage all your Assets in one place, and see which Projects these files are currently being used in.

Using Assets in Projects

To use an Asset that has previously been uploaded into the Asset Library, you can use the 'From Library' button when editing a Project.

For example, if I wish to alter an Image firstly I click to edit an ‘Image' field and then click this button:

Selecting an Asset

After opening the Asset Library, you will see all of the Assets that can be placed in the container that you have chosen.

Once you have selected your Asset, click this button:

…to add it.

💡 Pro Tip! Some of the above options may be restricted depending on individual access levels. To find out more about your access you can contact your Account Administrator.

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