To start using audio, click the Edit button at the top right of your audio player and then click the ‘Audio’ button:

If you do not have an audio player on your page, see this video to learn how to add one.

Now Drag and Drop an Audio file into the ‘Drop your audio file here to upload’ area or press ‘Choose File’ to select an audio file manually:

Go to the ‘Audio Position’ menu and choose where you would like your audio player to be displayed. If you don’t want a visible player choose ‘Off the page’.

You can also make your audio files play automatically with the ‘Autoplay’ toggle, please note that mobile users cannot use ‘Autoplay’ due to iOS and Android restrictions

Now everything is in place, you will have to wait a few moments as your audio is encoded.

Elucidat supports audio files of up to 40mb, you can upload MP3 and WAV.

Audio Embed

An alternative to uploading your audio is to embed it using the Audio Embed feature, this works great if your course is online and you want to use audio that exceeds the upload limit.

To access the feature click the ‘Embed’ option:

…then add a URL to the ‘Embed content from a URL’ field:

…and press ‘Save’ to finish:

We encourage using Mp3 files for the best experience with this feature.

Please note that your audio will need to be on a server with a valid SSL certificate.

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