Set a page to only display if the Learner has passed/failed the module

A great use for rules is to have conclusion pages that vary according to whether the user has passed or failed the assessment.

Firstly create two new pages, one for if the Learner passes and one for if they fail.

Next on the ‘Pass’ page, press ‘Page settings’ and then ‘Rules’. This will open the ‘Rules’ window, from the dropdown select ‘Result’ and then choose ‘Passed’, like this:

This setup will mean this page only shows if the course has been ‘Passed’.

Then do the same on the ‘Fail’ page, but choose ‘Fail’ in the rules menu.

Take a look at this support article to see an example of pass and fail pages being used in a course.

Set a page to only display if the Learner has viewed all of the course content

You can set up your rules, so your Learner can only view the final page of your course after the other pages in the course have been viewed.

Firstly create the page which you would like to be hidden.

Next press ‘Page settings’ and then ‘Rules’, this will open the rules window. From the dropdown select ‘Pages seen’ then select the pages that are required for the Learner to view, like this:

In the above example this page will only show if my Learner has already viewed page 6 To see how to build a non-linear course from scratch take a look at this step by step tutorial.

Set a page to only display if the Learner has submitted a certain answer on another page

You can set up your rules, so your Learner can only view a page in your course if they have answered a question in a certain way.

To do this use the ‘Question answered’ rule:

…on the page which you wish to hide.

Choose the Questionnaire page which you would like to take answers from this dropdown:

…in this case I’m going to use a page called ‘Question page 1’.

Next choose the answer from your Questionnaire page which you wish to use for your rule:

…in this case I’m going to use the answer called ‘Answer 1’.

Once you’ve completed setting up your ‘Rule’, press ‘Save changes’.

In my example, if I was to ‘Preview’ the course, the page which I have set up my Rule on will only show if I have answered ‘Question page 1’, with ‘Answer 1’.

There are several situations where setting up a Rule in this way will enhance your design. For example:

  • You can use this approach to set up a role selector question, with specific pages of content revealed based on the role the learner chose. You can find out more about this design approach in this support article.

  • You can also create branching scenarios using Rules in this way. Check out this support article for examples and advice on this.

Set a Chapter to only display if a Rule has been satisfied

Here's a video to show you how to show multiple pages of content (Chapters) according to how a learner has answered a question:

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