If you have Projects linked to a Master course, changes made to elements in the Master course will also be applied to those linked Projects:

If you then choose to make a change to one of your Projects based on the Master course, these will only apply to that specific Project:

If you would like to see a more in-depth overview video of this please see here.

Why use Master Courses?

There are several time saving applications for the Master course feature, here are a few scenarios:


You have several clients who have very similar courses and you want to personalise each course - for instance by adding a logo or inserting someone’s name. By using a Master Course you can make the courses once, and then produce slightly different versions. Now if you make a change to your Master Course, your change will automatically go to each of the linked Projects. If you have sold the same course to many clients, this will save you hours.


If you produce courses in multiple languages then you can create a Master Course and then create a Project for each language.

To create a Master Course

In order to create a ‘Master Course’ you must first create a ‘Project’.

Once you have created and opened your ‘Project’ click the ‘Configure’ tab:

Press the orange ‘Convert’ button:

…this pop up will display:

…select ‘Convert to Master Course’ and your course will convert.

Your Master Course will now be selectable on the ‘Get started’ page under the section that says ‘Start from one of your Master Courses’:

Some things to note with Master Courses

  • You cannot ‘release’ Master Courses unless you have the ‘Multi-Language export’ feature, if you wish to release a Master Course, you must make a Project from it.

  • You cannot set SCORM or navigation options on Master Courses - that must be done in the individual Projects.

  • Any change in a text area in a Master Course will update in all linked Projects (unless you have made a specific change to the Projects).

  • If you add a ‘Resource’ to a Master course’ it will be viewable in all Projects based off that Master course. If you are creating Projects based of a Master course that are in different languages it is best to add your Resources to these Projects individually so that you can cater for different language.

  • If you change the Theme version of your Master course, your Child Course will have this change reflected.

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