Let’s take a look at how to create a Release:

Step 1

To begin making a Release press release at the top right of your screen:

Step 2

Choose the orange ‘Add a Release’ button.

Step 3

Give your Release a name by clicking in this field:

Step 4

Now choose a ‘Release mode’, we will expand on how all of these work later in the manual, for now we recommend using either:

  • SCORM for Learning Management Systems - This will mean that you receive a Zip file direct to your inbox in five minutes, you will then be able to upload this to your LMS.

  • Online Link - This will make your Project into an online course, you will receive a link to your course and you can share this with anyone you like instantly!

Once you’ve made your decision click ‘Release’.

Step 5

Your release will now be built, as soon as it is ready we will send an email

If you have chosen the ‘SCORM for Learning Management System’ mode there will be a link which says ‘Download’ in your email, press this to download your file:

If you have chosen the ‘Online Link’ mode there will be a link in your email which you will be able to share with your users:

💡Please note: for your learners to have the best experience, we recommend that you do not make your courses live to your learners concurrently. 

Elucidat’s infrastructure will scale to manage higher traffic, this is a gradual process however and sudden exposure to traffic may result in learners encountering slower, or unresponsive courses. 

If you have any concerns about releasing, please do reach out to us.

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