You can update your Releases using our ‘Rapid Release’ feature.

For instance, you may notice a typo in your release which you would like to correct. 

With our ‘Rapid Release’ feature you can go back into your project, correct the typo, press ‘Rapid Release’ and the change will go straight into your ‘Release’.

This has the advantage that you do not have to re-upload your zip file to your LMS or change existing links in your website or LRS.

To update an existing Release:

Open the project you wish to Rapid-release and press the ‘Releases’ tab.

Find the release you wish to update.

Press the ‘Rapid Release’ icon:

…that is on the same column as the Release you wish to update, e.g:

Your Rapid Release will now take place, you will receive an email notification to tell you once this has completed.

Please Note:

After Rapid Releasing the bookmarking and scoring of the re-released course will reset, this means that if your learner re-visits the module they will see the first page and their score will be reset.

Rapid Release can not be used with ‘Backup’ SCORM releases.

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