You can update your existing Releases using our ‘Re-release’ feature.

For instance, you may notice a typo in your Release which you would like to correct. 

With the Re-release feature, you can go back into your Project, correct the typo, re-release your content and your course will be automatically updated to reflect your changes.

You do not have to re-upload your zip file to your LMS or change existing links in your website or LRS.

How to re-release

Open the project you wish to re-release and select the ‘Releases’ tab.

Find the release you wish to update.

Press the ‘Re-release’ icon:

Your course will now begin re-releasing. You will receive an email notification to tell you once this has completed.

Re-releasing and bookmarking

After Re-releasing, the bookmarking and scoring of the re-released course will reset, this means that if your learner re-visits the module they will see the first page and their score will be reset.

Re-release can not be used with ‘Backup’ SCORM releases.

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