There are many different options for adding questions to your course in Elucidat but they all work with the same basic principles.

In this section, we will walk through how to create a basic Question page.

Step 1

Firstly, add a Question page to your Project by pressing the ‘Add a new Page’ button:

Step 2

Give your Question page a name by clicking the ‘Page name’, then click the ‘Select a Page Type’ dropdown.

Elucidat has various different Question page types, these are Knowledge Checks, Assessments and Surveys, we will cover what the nuances between these are later in the manual, for now let’s choose the ‘Knowledge Checks’ option:

Step 3

Next choose the type of Knowledge check, for this example choose ‘Multiple Choice’:

….then click ‘Add a Page’:

Your ‘Multiple Choice’ page will now display (please note that your page may look slightly different depending on the Style that you have chosen):

Step 4

At this point you will want to add your question and answer text by clicking the edit buttons of your question and answers and typing your text:

💡 Pro Tip! You can also double click text in order to edit it.

Step 5

Once you’ve added your text, choose one (or more) of your answers to be correct by clicking the edit button of the answer, selecting the ‘Answer is’ option and clicking ‘Correct’:

Step 6

You may also wish to alter the feedback text that will display when your learner submits an answer, to do this click ‘Submit’ and choose the feedback type that you wish to edit:

…excellent, so now we’ve made all of the content changes to our Question page, let’s make one final change so that your page sends a score to your LMS for this page.

Step 7

Click ‘Page settings’:

Step 8

Choose ‘Scoring & Completion’:

Step 9

Now choose either ‘User Submitting a Score’ or ‘User submitting a CORRECT score’.

💡 Please note! Choosing ‘User Submitting a Score’ will mean that the page will complete on the learner submitting any answer, choosing ‘User submitting a CORRECT score’ will mean that the page will complete when the learner submits a correct answer.

Step 10

Once you’ve pressed ‘Save changes’ and your page will be ready to report to your LMS.

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