You can even limit access to members of staff who have your corporate email address.

To access this feature press ‘Configure’, then ‘Learner tracking’, then from the ‘Learner access control’ section choose ‘Identify’, this will ask the learner for their email address before allowing them to continue to the course, they will then receive a unique link to view the course.

You also have choices in this section to manually change the log in page email that your learner will receive:

…by default these will be set up to match the styling of your content.

You can restrict access to only certain domain names also using these steps.

Please note that the unique link which is received by the learner will last for 2 days, during this time ‘Bookmarking’ will work as usual.

The learner will need to use the same device and the same browser to view the content from the same position using this link, this information is local to the device and browser.

The Identify feature is not compatible with the Multi-Language release feature.

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