Elucidat provides market-leading network and data security to ensure your data remains safe.

In an age of increasing data-privacy concerns, we understand the paramount importance of keeping private data secure. For this reason, Elucidat has invested heavily in the most up-to-date security infrastructure, to give our clients peace of mind.

Physical Security

  • Elucidat servers are hosted at dedicated secure facilities, guarded by qualified security personnel 24 hours a day. Access is strictly controlled, only those with sufficient security clearance pass through our state-of-the-art biometric security system. Closed circuit television monitoring covers all aspects of the secure site. 
  • Power supply is independently sourced – a national power outage would not affect our facility. 

Network Security 

  • Online infrastructure is constructed in such a way that it can easily be scaled to cope with larger or smaller data demands. Live monitoring of all data security concerns are further enforced by our failsafe (redundant) backup capabilities. 
  • Elucidat uses the best firewall and router technologies, coupled with a unique Intruder Detection System to guard against hackers, malware and other security threats. This network security is subject to high-level SSL encryption. 
  • Network activity is monitored in real time; access logs are retained and analyzed to identify potential threats. 

Server Security 

  • All servers are independently powered and are not vulnerable to power outages. 
  • 24x7x365 server support and monitoring, with technical staff on call to deal with issues immediately.
  • Servers built entirely with RAID 10-protected, data-centre-grade SSDs.
  • All unnecessary server add-ons have been removed to further reduce data vulnerability, and always run on the latest carrier-class OS – with patches updated daily. 
  • Devices and software are encryption-protected, and access is heavily controlled. 

Application Security

  • Each Elucidat customer is allocated a unique username and password. Only your personal Elucidat account-administrator will have access to these accounts, to manage them professionally. Access is only possible through SSL connections – ensuring the safety of your data by authenticating the server, and further encrypting data. 
  • Each request for data, after login, is personalized to the user to ensure the separation of customer data. Cookies only record information for the login-session duration; usernames and passwords are not collected. Elucidat does not use Cookies to store confidential information. Please view our Privacy policy for our Cookie statement. 
  • To protect against unauthorised access, login attempts are limited. Accounts are automatically disabled after a certain number of failed login attempts. 

Data Security 

  • All systems and databases are backed up every three hours. Elucidat have worked hard to ensure that all backups, data verification and system-restore points are regularly migrated to our corporate headquarters – this ensures that all systems have an absolute, redundant failsafe in the event of a catastrophic disaster at the data storage facility. 

Password Security 

  • Your password must be at least eight characters long.
  • Passwords should ideally contain at least one special character and one number.
  • Registrations from temporary and disposable mail services may not be accepted, so please ensure you use a trustworthy email provider. If you do not receive your Registration email please get in touch with us on support@elucidat.com.
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