Your first decision when starting a project is which Theme to start from.

Although the Styles and Layout Designer features offer a huge amount of flexibility and the ability to fully customise each theme, each of the four themes have some slight styling differences which are worth noting, these include…

Drop shadow effects

Without Drop Shadow (similar to Tempest theme)

With Drop Shadow (similar to Flux theme)

Button styling

Examples above in order are from the Bolt, Flux, Paper and Tempest themes.

Rollover effects

(Example above from the Paper theme)

How do I know which Theme to use?

These styling differences might help you decide which theme is best to use as a base, dependent on the client brand guidelines.

If you decide to change your Theme in a Project you have already begun to build and you are using one of our latest Themes (Bolt, Paper, Flux, Tempest) you can Theme by clicking ‘Theme’, then clicking ‘Choose a different Theme’ and selecting the Theme that you would like to change to.

Can I change the colours and Layouts of my content?

You can indeed! You can use our Styles and Layout designer features for extensive control over your colours and Layouts.

Suggested themes

If you are looking to build content from a Legacy theme in one of our latest themes, in order to retain similar styling we suggest using these theme combinations:

Updating Theme version

You can update your Theme version by opening your Project, pressing ‘Theme’:

…and then choosing the highest number from the ‘Change Theme version’ field:

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