By default there is a diverse range of several hundred Google fonts which can be accessed straight away, we also provide the facility to upload your own Custom fonts.

To edit your Fonts, firstly press 'Styles':

...then select the edit button for your Style:


In the Basic tab, scroll down to the 'Typography' options.

Click one of these two dropdowns:

…and selecting ‘Select a Font’:

…you will then see this interface:

…here’s what each of these options means:

Your Fonts

This section allows you to upload your own font to Elucidat, selecting this item will display this page:

…here you will be able add your fonts, either by drag a file onto the area marked ‘Drop fonts here to upload’ or by pressing ‘Choose File’ to choose a file from your account.

We accept the font types: .otf .eot .woff .svg .ttf, we recommend the format ttf.

You only need to upload one of these files in order for the font to work across all browsers as Elucidat converts your font file to a Webfont which will be compatible across browsers.

Once the font has been uploaded it will be selectable here:

Please make sure that you have the license for the font that you upload.

Our favourites

Here we have our favourite fonts, a selection of fonts that we have cherrypicked from Googles deep library of fonts.

Serif/Sans Serif

Next we have the choice to add Serif or San-Serif fonts, if you are not sure about which font type is most suitable for your Project.


This option allows you to select from a variety of Handwritten fonts, great for when you wish add a personal touch to your Projects.

Title fonts

These fonts allow are thicker and bolder, a good choice if you wish to make a statement but not recommended if you have a lot of copy in your Project.

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