With Variable Rate Streaming Elucidat identifies the speed of your connection and adjusts the quality of the video accordingly.

This will mean you encounter far less buffering.

‘Variable rate streaming’ means that if your learner is on a superfast connection then they will receive the highest quality of video and their video will load immediately.

But if they are a workaholic on a very slow network on their phone during their holiday in the countryside (lucky them!) then they will receive a slightly lower quality of video and their video will still load immediately.

In both cases, your learner will still receive the information they need.

Please note: Any video you upload from now will have ‘Variable rate streaming’ applied, any videos uploaded prior to September 2014 will need to be uploaded again for ‘Variable rate streaming’ to register.

Variable rate streaming is only available in 'Online Link' and 'SCORM for learning management systems' releases.

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