To start adding images into to text:

Double click or press the edit button of a text box (it will be the inner edit button on most text boxes).

You should see the text edit menu open:

Click the image button:

Choose the image you would like by pressing ‘Choose file’ or using the Image Library:

Your image will now appear in your text box:

Advanced options

Once your image has been uploaded, you can then edit it, firstly click the image whilst in edit mode, the image should become editable, like so:

If you click where it says ‘Edit’, a menu will open:

In here you can change a variety of options:

Title: This is the alternative text that will display for screen-readers, we recommend adding a title to increase the accessibility of your project.

Link: Use this option to make your image link to another screen (very useful for teaching the basics of navigation buttons!).

Position: Defines where the image will show in the text box.

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