Typography icon

The Typography icon allows you to change the Typography of individual items or the whole page.

Position icon

The Position icon allows you to move an item around the page.

Resize icon

The Resize icon allows you to change the size of the item.

Note: Not all items are re-sizeable both ways. Some will only allow you to resize the height or the width.

Animation icon

The Animation icon allows you to add motion effects to your items.

Borders icon

The Borders control brings up a panel that allows you to round the corners of the item you are editing and/or choose the amount of padding (space around the item) you want:

Note: Rounded corners are not supported in Internet Explorer 8.

Icon control

The Icon control allows you to specify an icon that will display on the area you have chosen to edit.

You will be able to choose from this assortment of icon options:

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