To start using ‘Score Weighting’:

‘Score Weighting’ can be accessed by entering ‘Page Settings’ and opening the ‘Scoring and Completion’ tab.

Score weighting scenario

Here I have a Project with 5 scored questions, I have set question 5 so it is weighted higher than the other questions, this will mean that this question contributes a greater share to the overall score

For example, If I attempt my Project and answer only Question 5 correctly my overall score for the module will be 50%:

Or if I answer Questions 1-4 correctly (but not Question 5), this too means my overall score is 50%:

Or If I answer only Questions 1-2 correctly, this means my overall score is 25%:

Interactive examples

Here is a video to run you through the how Score weighting works, in the video we have interactive examples that can be accessed via the buttons below:

Default weighting Subtle weighting Extreme weighting

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