I suspect that some of you may be creating courses for viewing in Internet Explorer 7 or 8. This is perfectly acceptable, but you may notice that image sizes that you have set in Elucidat do not apply in this particular browser.

This is because Internet Explorer 7 and 8 do not support image resizing, luckily this can be very easily remedied.

How to control image size

So, because IE 7 and 8 won’t allow you to resize an image what we need to do is ensure that the image we upload is the correct size before we upload.

This can be achieved easily by using programmes that you will probably already have on your computer, Paint on Windows and Preview on Mac.

To resize with ‘Paint’

  • Right click on the image file in the File Explorer, select Open With, Paint.

  • Once in ‘Paint’ select the ‘Image’ button, then Stretch/Skew.

  • Change the Horizontal and Vertical percentages to a percentage less than 100.

  • Select ‘File’ > ‘Save’ to save the resized image.

A great alternative for Windows users is the free programme ‘Gimp’, this will allow you to specify the exact size in pixels that you would like your image to be, here’s a handy demonstration of how.

To resize with ‘Preview’

  • Double click your image file to open it in ‘Preview’.

  • Click the ‘Tools’ button.

  • Choose the ‘Adjust size’ option.

  • Enter the desired image dimensions.

  • Press ‘Save’

…now when you upload your images they will display at the size that you have just set in IE 7 and 8.

Other visual Limitations of IE7 and 8

Please note also that IE7 and 8 do not support Opacity or Rounded corners. 

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