Default behaviour

Elucidat’s default behaviour is for the final score to be sent to your LMS on the final page of courses.

For example if I have a linear Project which is 4 pages long, the final score will send by default on my last page (page 4):

Advanced behaviour

If you have a course where the final page could be several different pages (for instance if you use ‘Rules’ or ‘Links’ in your Project) the final score will still send on the last page in the course.

For example here I have a course where there are two final pages.

On the ‘Menu’ page the learner has the choice to either view the final page of ‘Branch 1’ or ‘Branch 2’.

In this example, the learners final score will send only if the learner choose Branch 2, as this is the last page of the Project.

You can see the linear order of your pages by pressing the ‘Skip to page’ icon in ‘Author’ view:

In order to send the final score if the learner has viewed Branch 1, I will need to open the page.

Then in the ‘Page settings’ menu and ‘Scoring and completion’ tab, choose this button:

This means the flow now works like this:

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