What is the best way to create sections?

To create a section, open ‘Layout Designer’ by pressing this icon:

…click an ‘Add here’ button that is not the child of another Part, select ‘Layout’:

choose ‘Page Section’:

…and then choose either ‘Container (Full width)’ or ‘Container (Content width)’:

How does Elucidat decide what is a section?

  • Elucidat looks for a container with at least 4 parts

  • If you have columns Elucidat will choose the column with the most parts (use case: two column layout, the content in one of the columns and the page progress part in the other column)

  • If you have repeating rows/page sections Elucidat will use those as sections, if your content is not split in rows/sections the app will use each part as a section

How does Elucidat decide the section title?

Elucidat will try to find the following (in order) and use as the section title (it will stop as soon as it hits a match)

  • A title part (h1, h2, h3, h4) inside of the section

  • A title preceding the section

  • The first bit of text inside the section (Some parts do not come with a title to be picked up by the Page Progress menu, in this case we will use the first bit of text inside of that part but this might not be what you want as the section title, in this case the best thing to do is to add a title (Text Elements > Title) right before that element.

How does a section get completed?

For a section to get completed it has to be seen and all of the interactions inside of it need to be completed and answered (If there are no interaction or questions the section is completed only by seeing it).

To mark a section as seen the learner simply needs to scroll the entire length of the section into view and have it stop for at least a second (If you have a long page and you scroll from start to bottom without stopping to actually see the sections they will not be marked as seen).

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