Our Google Analytics feature allows you to collect an unprecedented amount of data.

Google Analytics allows you to see when your project is in use, on what devices and allows you to adapt your courses closely to your audience’s needs.

You can even get advanced data on Demographics such as the age, sex, language spoken of your Learners and most importantly how many are passing or failing!

Helpful features like Google’s ‘User flow’ are especially powerful when used in conjunction with ‘Branching’ and can be used to identify if questions are unclear or too hard.

To start using our Analytics feature press ‘Analyse’:

…and at the bottom of the page you will see a field where you can add a Google Analytics UA code:

Press ‘Save’ and release your course.

Please be aware that when a Google Analytics code is used in a Project, it will override Elucidat's Analytics reporting in order to display in your own Google Analytics account.

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