Calculating Learner Limits

If you are identified by email using the Identify feature you will be counted as single learner.

If you are identified by your LMS you will be counted as single learner.

If you are anonymous and have cleared your cookies, accessed your learning from a different browser or accessed from a different device you will be counted as a new learner when accessing courses.

SCORM package for Learning Management Systems (Online SCORM release)

This is a standard SCORM release uploaded to your LMS. In this case the Learner is identified via their SCORM Learner ID - either their email address or an ID number, depending on the LMS.

Each SCORM ID represents a different Learner. An individual SCORM ID may access multiple courses, or the same course on multiple devices - either way they will be counted as one Learner.

Backup (SCORM release)

This is an Backup SCORM package uploaded to your LMS. Learners are identified as with the standard SCORM release, except in rare cases where calls to the LMS may be blocked due to firewalls, or because the user is offline for a prolonged period, in which case the Learner will not be recognised.

An Online Public release can be embedded into your website via an iFrame, or accessed directly via the provided URL.

If you wish for your Learner to be identified in an Online (Public) Release you can use the ‘Identify’ feature. Please search the manual for 'Identify your Learners' for more information.

If you choose not use this feature, you can still capture data about the number of Learners accessing your course.

A Learner will be a single person using a single browser, on a single device (i.e. a Session). In rare cases the Learner identity may be carried across multiple courses, if multiple courses are accessed in one session.

Once the learner has Completed the course, if they then view the course again they will be counted as a new learner. 

The same Learner accessing the course from a different location, device, or browser will be regarded as a separate Learner in the Analytics.

API integration release

If your custom integration uses the API to identify the Learner before launching the content, then they will be tracked as per standard SCORM releases.

If your integration launches content without identifying the Learner, then they will be tracked as standard Online Releases (without the Identify feature).

What if I chose ‘Do not store personal data’ in the Analytics suite?

These Learners are still tracked, but anonymously. This has no effect on how the Learner numbers are calculated.

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