…the language variations can be accessed via an introduction screen:

Who can use the Multi-Language feature?

Multi-Language Release is available as a subscription upgrade, please get in touch if you would like more information.

To release a Multi-Language package

Open a Master Course which has Variations.

Click the ‘Variations Manager’ button.

Check that the Variations that you would like to be included in your Multi-Language Release are selected in the ‘In Release’ field:

…now open the ‘Release’ page.

Click ‘Add a Release’, choose the type of Release you’d like to make and click ‘Release’:

…we’ll send you an email shortly with a link to your course or a SCORM package (depending on which Release mode you have chosen).

Please note that this will take longer than a standard Release as several Releases are occurring simultaneously.

The ‘Select Variation’ screen where you choose language will automatically generate with your Style applied.

All the analytics captured by the Your Data feature for each of your different Variations will display together in the Master Course, you can not view this information for individual Variations.

The identify feature is not compatible with the Multi-Lanaguage release feature.

Analytics for Multi-Language Releases

If you have created and Released a Multi-Language course, the Analytics for all of the different Variations that can be accessed in the Release will be combined, for example if the Master Course is released:

If you have created individual Releases from your Projects, the Analytics for these can be accessed per Project:

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