There are three scope levels that can be applied to users which can determine which Projects they can access and edit.

Access to all Departments and Projects

This grants the user access to all Projects in the account.

Access to specific Departments

This grants the user access to all Projects within one or more specific departments.

Access to specific Projects only

This grants the user access only to Projects which have been specifically shared with them.

To set the scope of a new user, select one of the options from the drop down when adding them to your Team -

If you choose, ‘Access to a specific Department’, a new drop down menu will appear, from which you can select the Departments that you’d like to add your user to -

If you chose ‘Access to specific Projects only’, you’ll need to manually invite them to the Projects you would like them to access.

To choose which projects they can view, open the Project Library by selecting Projects at the top of your screen -

If I would like to give Michael access to ‘Fake smile challenge’ project, all I need to do is click this button here -

On the Project Sharing menu, in the ‘Add an Author’ dropdown, I select Michael, and press ‘Add author’ -

Michael will now be able to access the project in the ‘Projects’ menu, he will also receive an email notification to let him know that this project has been shared with him.

Keep in mind: Projects that have been assigned to a folder outside of a Department or that have not been assigned a folder at all will appear in ‘All folders’. Projects that are located here can still be viewed by restricted authors in Preview but they will not be able to make edits.

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