To limit a user so that they can only access certain projects, open the ‘Authors’ page by pressing ‘Your account’ in the top right of your page:

…then click ‘Authors’:

…all of the users in your Account will now be displayed:

…to edit a specific user I click the blue link with their name, for example if I want to change Michael’s permissions I click the blue link here:

…the ‘Edit an Author’ menu will appear:

…click the ‘Scope’ dropdown and change it to ‘Choose Projects individually’:

Press ‘Save changes’.

Now your user will be limited to viewing only projects which they are invited to.

To choose which projects they can view, open the ‘Projects’ menu by selecting ‘Projects’ at the top of your screen:

If I would like to give Michael access ‘Fake smile challenge’ project, all I need to do is click this button here:

…and then on the ‘Project Sharing’ menu I select the ‘Add an Author’ dropdown, I select Michael, and press ‘Add author’:

Michael will now be able to access the project in the ‘Projects’ menu, he will also receive an email notification to let him know that this project has been shared with him.

*please get in touch if you would like access to the ‘Layout view’ feature.

Removing an Author

In order to remove an Author click the trash icon next to their name.

Administrators cannot currently be deleted, if you do need to remove an Administrator, firstly change them to a different User role (for example Reviewer).

You can do it by clicking their name, this will be highlighted in blue, e.g:

Then from ‘Edit an Author’ menu, select this dropdown:

…change to a different User role, press ‘Save changes’ and then click the trash icon.

*You can also choose for a Administrator to be a Champion, this is a user who you have chosen to have responsibility for the running of your account and for contacting Elucidat (this is not compulsory).

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