It is possible to restrict access for Online Link releases to users with a specific email domain by following these steps.

Press 'Configure' and then select ''Learn Tracking'.

From the 'Learner access control' drop down select 'Identify - Learners must identify themselves via email':

This will activated the 'Identify' feature.

Add the email domain that you would like to limit access to here:

In this example, a user will not be able to access the learning unless they have an '' URL. 

💡 Please note! This feature can be used with one domain only. 

This feature is case sensitive, for example in the above example '@elucidat' will be accepted but '@Elucidat' will not. 

Please note that you can update the text on the identify page, by clicking 'Edit log-in page' in the 'Learner access control' preferences.

This means you can specify to your learners specifically what you require from learners and the format it is required in, for example:

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