Elucidat enables you to duplicate your existing projects to quickly adapt and create new projects with different learning content.

This feature allows you to work quickly and efficiently when creating elearning at scale. However, duplicating a project multiple times can start to have an effect on load times as legacy changes build up in the database. 

To help you get the most out of this feature and avoid any issues, here is our recommended approach for project duplication:

Best Practice: Always duplicate from a central master copy

Set up a template project that all authors can duplicate from as a starting point. You could set up a folder in your account that all authors can access and duplicate from.

Working in this way will ensure that the duplicated projects don’t have large amounts of legacy changes saved in the database.

Bad Practice: Chaining Project Duplicates

Try to avoid duplicating from a previously duplicated project
Don’t create a chain of duplicated projects as it is possible that this could have an impact on loading time as legacy edits build up over time:

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