On average a SCORM for LMS or Online Public release will take between 5-15 minutes to release depending on current traffic in Elucidat. 

A Backup will take longer depending on how much media has been added to the Project as this includes all of your assets.

Releases are processed one at a time for your account  (all authors in your company) and in the order that they have been requested (apart from in the case of Multi-Language releases).

As the speed of the Release queue is relative to site traffic and the amount of releases you have requested in your account it is good practice to request your release at least 1 day in advance of your delivery to prevent any delay. 

Please note that the above also applies to Re-Releases.

Multi Language releases

A Multi-Language release is several Variations Released and packaged together. 

So for a "SCORM for learning management system" Multi-language Release with 3 Variations this will take:

3 (variations) x 5 to 15 (minutes) = 45 minutes processing time in total.

Multi-Language exports are always prioritised in the release queue. Therefore for example if you have 5 standard releases queued, and you trigger a Multi-Language release, the Multi-Language release will be processed first. 

It is good practice to request releases for standard releases first, and then trigger any Multi-language releases once those have been processed.

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