Page Settings can be opened in Author view by pressing this button on the page you would like to edit:


Would you like this page to appear in the Course Menu? 

By default all pages in a course will appear in the course menu: 

Selecting this option means this page will be hidden from the menu. 

Click here for more details on Course Menus.

Scoring & Completion

This page is completed by:

This option lets you control what is required of the learner for each page to be counted as complete, from the following options:

  • User opening the page

  • User opening ALL PARTS of the page (e.g. hotspots or tabs, or watching to the end for a video)

  • User submitting a score

  • User submitting a CORRECT score

💡 Pro tip! Setting this to 'User submitting a score' or a 'User submitting a CORRECT score' will enable the page to record a score for a question page.

Prevent progress until complete:

Selecting this option will prevent learners from moving beyond this page in the course until the specified completion requirement is met.

Click here for more details on page locking.

Automatically progress to the next page upon completion of any videos: 

With this option selected, the learner will be automatically move on to the next page once any videos on the page are completed. 

Score Weighting:

With ‘Score Weighting’, answering more difficult questions can be rewarded accordingly, by making question pages contribute more or less heavily to the learners final score.

💡 Pro tip! For most Projects we recommend leaving this at the default weighting of 50. 

Click here for more details on Score Weighting.

Send final score on this page:

Elucidat’s default behaviour is for the final score to be sent to your LMS on the final page of courses.

This option allows you to send the final score on an earlier page, which is useful when there are different possible end points for the learner (for example in a branching course). 

Click here for more details on sending the final score.


Only show this page if…

Set pages to display only once a learner has fulfilled certain requirements, from the following options: 

  • Score

  • Result

  • Percentage Completed

  • Completed

  • Pages completed

  • Pages passed

  • Pages failed

Click here for more details on Rules.

OR make this page part of a Question Pool:
Create a new Question Pool:

The Question Pool feature allows you to create a set of questions which will display randomly for your learner. 

Available Question Pools will show in the dropdown here:

To create a new Question Pool, just add a name, select the percentage of questions from the pool you would like to display, and click Add Question Pool:

Click here for more details on Question Pools.


Choose a Badge to award when this page is completed:

Here you can choose from previously uploaded Badge images or preset icons.

Or make a new Badge:

Here you can choose your own image. Enter a name, select the image to upload and then press ‘Add badge’.

Click here for more details on Badges.

Time Limits

With the ‘Timers’ feature you can control the length of time a learner is allowed to spend on any page or section of your project.

Click here for more details on Timers.

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