At Elucidat, nothing is more important to us than our customers and the valuable insights that are held within the Elucidat community. 

Our customer’s insights allow us to recognise opportunities to grow our app, identify and develop useful new features and ideas, and work on any pain points - your feedback helps us improve the experience for all our customers.

How to submit your feedback

You can submit your feedback in a variety of different ways which are outlined below;

  • You can speak to your Customer Success Manager, or submit it to the Customer Success Team via the email

  • Support via email or in-app chat

  • Your dedicated Account Manager either via phone or email

However you submit your feedback, please be assured that we record and collate any and all feedback received.

What happens after you’ve submitted your feedback?

Once your feedback is received, we collate it and add any relevant notes - this process allows us to identify consistently requested features which align with our Product Vision.

Depending on the type of request, we will review your feedback and see if there is a workaround or alternative way of achieving your desired outcome, which your Customer Success Manager or a member of the support team will be able to discuss further with you.

For a feature request to be added to our Roadmap we believe it should be aligned with our ideologies of creating great learning for all of our customers, the criteria we consider is the following:

  • Is this feature request aligned with our vision to give everyone the power to produce digital learning that delivers a transformational impact on personal development & business performance?

  • Is the request something that all of our customers would draw value from? 

  • Is the request practical and maintainable for the Elucidat product team long term?

If the answer is ‘yes’ to the above questions, we internally discuss adding the feature into our Product Roadmap. If your request is added to the Roadmap, any customers that have requested the feature will be notified when it moves into the planning/building phase, and we will let you know in advance of the feature being released. 

Unfortunately, while we are not able to respond to every feature request individually please know that it has been logged, and read, and will help us to drive the Product forward.

Please note: If you reach out directly to our team regarding your feedback, they'll be able to confirm that the feedback has been logged, but they won't have any additional information or provide an estimate for when your item will be reviewed/released.

Feedback FAQ’s

How should I format my request?

If possible, it would be useful for our teams if you could provide the following details in your feature request/feedback:

  • Area in app: Page Elements/Permissions/Asset Library

  • Feedback: As a user/author/layout designer/administrator, I would like [description of changes requested], so that [rationale]

  • Context of why you would like this feature; if you have suggested other features please order them in line with the importance for you.

How long will it be before my request is reviewed?

We will review your suggestions at the point of receipt, and add any relevant information for our Product team, and as a wider team we will review the suggestions each quarter for viability to add to our longer-term product roadmap. This said, unfortunately, we will not be able to confirm whether your suggestion has been added to the roadmap, nor a timeframe of when it may be rolled out.

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