At Elucidat, we are continually developing our software, and are regularly pushing out releases. While we have a rigorous Quality Assurance process, occasionally there are small issues which arise out of this as an unintentional consequence which cannot be picked up as part of this process.

As our customers all create very different styles of learning, and have multiple different use cases for the way they use our software - we’re not always able to explore all the different ways that Elucidat can be used. 

With this in mind, we always appreciate receiving feedback on how the tool is working for you and whether there are any bugs you’re experiencing when using Elucidat for your specific use case. Not only will your feedback help us continually develop Elucidat, but submitting these queries to our Support team will allow them to help you find either a workaround or will push this through to our product team for review.

What we cover in support

Please note that the primary purpose of our support service is to help users who are encountering issues or bugs, these users will be treated as our main priority.

We are however happy to provide some advice on how to develop your courses, but this is not the focus of our support offering, so you are likely to encounter delays with requests of this nature.

If you are encountering an issue which is being encountered only in a specific environment, for example a specific LMS or a specific app, this is outside the scope of our support offering.

What happens after you’ve submitted your feedback?

  • Once your query has been submitted to our support team, they will investigate to see if there has been any user error or if there are any article recommendations that may resolve your query. 

  • If there is a considerable barrier for you or your learners, and our support team are unable to resolve your support query (and where there is no alternative way of using Elucidat) the team would then prioritise through maintenance.

  • If there is an alternative approach or workaround, depending on the wider impact of the required fix, we may still progress the initial query through maintenance.* 

Our teams meet regularly to discuss our maintenance and priority issues, and we have a regular development allowance to resolve these. With this in mind, we do reprioritise these issues regularly and therefore cannot commit to any time frames regarding when your bug feedback will be resolved by our development team. 

Maintenance feedback FAQ's

How should I submit my feedback?

You can submit your query via support email ( or via our in-app chat. 

It would be useful for our teams if you could provide the following details when submitting:

  • A detailed description of the behaviour

  • Please provide Project codes, page names and screenshots as part of this. Here's a quick video to show you how to do this if you are not familiar with this.

  • Detailed steps to replicate the behaviour you are finding

  • Please use as much terminology from the interface as possible, the first thing we seek to do in support is replicate the behaviour you are encountering as this informs our response.

  • Please tell us the expected behaviour, as the expected behaviour for you may be different from what we would expect.

  • Please tell us the Environment you are in

  • For example, the specific browser and browser version, are you using a mobile or desktop computer, is the behaviour in an LMS or a direct link release?

How long will it be before my request is reviewed?

We will review your suggestions at the point of receipt, and our support team will respond with any relevant information they believe may help. 

If the support team are unable to resolve the query, depending on how critical it is, it will be triaged through our internal teams. We will continue to update you when possible regarding your request.

Please note: If you reach out directly to our team regarding timeframes or your reported issues, they'll be able to confirm that the feedback has been logged, but they won't have any additional information or provide an estimate for when your item will be reviewed/released unless they have specified otherwise.

*Queries with known workarounds will be treated as less of a priority during these meetings. If your submitted query moves through to the maintenance queue a member of the customer success or support teams will reach out with any relevant updates.

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