This is especially useful when information needs to be provided in a specific order and helps the learner take in information.

There are three different Sequence page types:

  • Image Sequence

  • Carousel

  • Timeline

Image Sequence

This page allows your learner to click Sequence build ups and gradually learn new information.

With this page type, you press on the first item, which then reveals the 2nd, then pressing on the 2nd reveals the 3rd, and so on.

You can add additional parts to the grid in Author mode by pressing the blue '+ Add Item' in the top right corner of the last part in the grid -

Any new items will be added after the last item.

You can delete individual parts that you don't need by opening the editing options of the relevant part in Author mode and pressing 'Yes - delete' here -

💡 Pro Tip! - You can change the Items that are shown per row in the different View Modes by opening the editing options for the whole grid and changing the 'Items per row' in the Variations settings -

In this example you can see that in Tablet view, only two items are displayed per row -

A Carousel is an interactive sequence of visual slides. They are often used as image galleries on the web.

The learner can view each slide in sequence by pressing the 'Next button'.

You can add additional slides in Author mode by pressing the blue '+ Add Slide' button in the top right corner here -

Any new slides will be added after the last existing Carousel slide.

To delete slides, go to the slide that you would like to delete and open its edit menu by pressing the pencil icon within the slide. Then select 'Delete' and confirm by pressing 'Yes - delete' -


The Timeline page type is an excellent way to illustrate a sequence of events.

The learner can click the timeline items on the left or right of the timeline to display more information

To add additional entries to the timeline, press the '+ Add to left' or '+ Add to right' buttons in Author mode -

This will add additional entries at the bottom of the timeline.

To edit the individual entries, you need to open them first by clicking them -

💡 Pro Tip! When changes are made to the individual parts of an Image Sequence, a Carousel or a Timeline in Layout designer these changes will be applied to each of them.

For example, if you add an additional Image part into the first Carousel slide in Layout designer, an Image will be added to all of the Carousel Slides. Therefore, if you only want this part to be in the first slide, you would need to add it in Layout designer first and then delete the parts from the individual slides where in Author mode

💡 Pro Tip! We suggest you think about the order of your items before you start adding contents here as the order of each item cannot be changed after they have been created.

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