Use a results page to end your quiz or assessment. In Elucidat you can play back the learner’s score on a results page using the Clips feature and create tailored pass/fail results pages using Rules.


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This showcase example demonstrates a compliance test with both pass and fail results pages. This means the learner receives tailored feedback at the end - ‘congratulations’ for passing the test and ‘please try again’ for those who fail.

If the learner doesn’t answer enough questions correctly to reach the pass mark for the test, they are shown the fail results page. This is achieved using the Rules feature - this hides and reveals pages based on set criteria, which in this case is a pass mark.

The Clips feature has been used to play back the percentage of questions answered correctly (using the 'Total score (%)' Clip in this case). As this is a page aimed specifically at those who failed the test, they also get tailored advice to retake the test.

When the learner passes the test they see the pass results page, as set by the Rule. Again, this page uses Clips to play back the percentage of questions answered correctly. Only those who pass the test will see this page, so text is tailored to congratulate the learner and let them know next steps.

Helpful guides

These resources will help you to set up your results pages:

  • This Learning Hub video provides a step-by-step walkthrough for how to set up tailored results pages based on learner score

  • The Rules feature allows you to set up both a pass and fail results page - find out more about Rules in this support article, and see more examples of its uses in this article.

  • The Clips feature enables you to play back the learner’s score - this support article explains the different feedback options you can play back.

💡 Pro tip! Consider the next step you want the learner to take after viewing the results page. If they’ve failed the test, do you want to give them a chance to revise the content and try again? If they’ve passed, could you provide a summary of the core learning points to take away? It’s best to keep a summary as practical as possible - presenting your recap as actions to take in role or top tips they can commit to focusing on.

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