When a page is locked, you can choose how to display this to the learner.

The Next Page button will be visible to the learner, but will be shown in an inactive state until the next page is available. If the learner tries to click this, they will see the following icon, to indicate that this is not available yet:

You can also choose to display a tooltip to give the learner more information about this, by selecting the option shown here:

This will display the default text 'You need to complete every part of the page before you can continue.', but this can be edited to give the learner whatever information you like at this stage.

Link Buttons will be visible to the learner by default, however these also have the option to show as inactive, with the additional information tooltip, by selecting this from the editing options:

When selected, the button will show as inactive until available:

...and display the tooltip if clicked:

As with the Next Page buttons, the text shown here is the default English text, but this can be edited.

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