In order to continue to offer industry-leading security - Elucidat are removing support for TLS 1.1 from July 19th 2021. TLS is part of the SSL technology that keeps your data private and safe whilst you are using websites.

What this means for you and your learners

For authors, there shouldn’t be much change as we have previously only supported browsers as far back as Internet Explorer 11.

However, for learners, who may use a wide range of browsers and versions, things may be a little different. The impact should be small, as most browser versions from the last 10 years support the newer version of TLS - but we understand there may be valid reasons why some of our customers have been reluctant to change their browser versions for a while, especially at scale.

If you think that your learners rely on versions of Internet Explorer below 11 - please switch to using “Backup SCORM” releases in order to continue to access Elucidat courses.

What you need to do

Probably nothing! The vast majority of learners accessing Elucidat courses do so using supported browsers.

However, if you or your learners are using an older browser version than in the below table, we would highly recommend you speak to your IT teams now to be prepared for this change. The table below shows versions of popular browsers that support the newer standard. And, as mentioned above, do reach out with any questions or concerns and we will do our best to help.























Why we’re doing this

We're all used to the little padlock in the corner of our browsers nowadays - it lets us know that the site we are visiting is secure.

Part of the mechanism that shows the padlock is something known as TLS - it is essentially a method for the server presenting the website and the browser or application at the other end, to "shake hands" in a secure way.

There have been a few versions of TLS over the years, each one improving on the last. As part of our commitment to your security, we are planning to retire the older versions of this "handshake" and switch over to a more recent version of TLS - TLS 1.2.

Whilst most of these changes happen behind the scenes, this may have an effect if you or your learners use certain older browsers.

We mentioned earlier that TLS is part of a “handshake” between a website server and the browser you or your learners are using. Most modern browsers know the rules related to this handshake for TLS 1.2 - but some much older ones don’t. The most notable of these still in general use are versions of Internet Explorer below version 11.

As a result, and in the interest of being able to move forward swiftly with changes in the security landscape to make sure you are always protected, we will shortly begin the move to support only the latest 2 versions of major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari).

This makes it easier for us to not only keep you secure, but also improve your Elucidat experience to keep up with the best modern technologies.

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